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Starting an Embroidery Business?


The choices of machines and software (and prices) change significantly for industrial use. If your business is sewing embroidery designs onto various articles for people, then you will be looking for ease-of-use, production speed, reliability and quality of service instead of only features. Your business won't make money while your machine is down.

ArtisticThreadWorks, an embroidery company said the following:
"In the beginning, we were thinking about converting people's pet photos into a design and sewing it onto a wall hanging or clothing for the pet owner.

We bought a top-end home machine and a lot of accessories and came home with about $8,000 worth of stuff. Even though it was a top-end home machine, it wasn't right for that kind of business. If we started that business plan over again, we would go into a industrial machine instead."

I compare this to traveling from Johannesburg to Cape Town. You could do it in a Volkswagen Beetle or in a Boeing 747. Both would do the job, but which would be less tiring? If you really just wanted to get to Cape Town, why not pay an airline company to take you there instead?

It's the same with embroidery machines. If you are doing the sewing for the fun of it, then a home machine will be a good choice, but for production and high-volume sewing ,you need a commercial machine.

Finally, a machine worth mentioning is a cross between home machines and industrial machines. Brother makes a model, called the PR-650 and it also sells under the name of Baby Lock with some minor changes. This machine has six threads on  it. If you are starting in the embroidery business, this might work well for you and is worth considering.

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