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DRAWings 8 embroidery software package is a complete graphics designing, quilting, cutwork making, crystals/rhinestones designing, textile/paper painting and embroidery software. It includes all the software you will need for your craft-work. Any craft-work is now possible, starting from the creation of the graphic design and ending with a complete project.

It is the best solution for any crafter and for everyone who is in the embroidering industry.

Main Applications

  • DRAWings® 8 software installation DVD
  • USB Security key OR Software key
    The key allows DRAWings 8 software to run.
  • Import from embroidery level
  • Wings' modular® 6 - "Basic", "Text" and "Editing" modules - installation DVD
    Wings’ modular is professional embroidery software that consists of 14 modules. Each module has different features in order to be easier for you to decide which modules you actually need. In DRAWings 8, Wings’ modular 6 - "Basic", "Text" and "Editing" modules are included. Learn more
  • More than 3000 embroidery designs are included.
  • 205 perfect clipart ready to be embroidered


  • DRAWings® 8 and Wings' modular® 6 installation guide and Quick Reference Card
  • DRAWings® 8 online help
  • DRAWings® 8 printable manual in PDF format including Quick reference card!
  • Wings' modular® online help
  • Wings' modular® Printable manuals in PDF format including Quick reference card!


Financing available!

Yes, we do! There are no additional fees involved from your side, accept the usual interest.

We would be happy to provide the necessary documentation; just drop us an email!

Also, we have credit card facilities available, and you have the option to pay straight or budget. Otherwise, you are welcome to check with your local bank for financing options.

Regrettably, the financing option is only available to South Africans.

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