Even the most creative of us get to a stage where we run out of ideas.  This week's tip will contain a number of websites where you could go to get free embroidery designs and good ideas.

http://www.emblibrary.com has a number of adorable designs for your Christmas table.

 At http://www.sweetembroidery.com you can a different free design every other day.

Once you have signed in at  http://www.embroidables.com you are able to download a great many free designs licensed from well-known artists .

http://www.vam.ac.uk/collections/textiles/features/embroidery/index.html These pages are about embroidery. In them you can study examples of embroidery from the V&A collection or create your own embroidery from patterns available to download.

Create your own embroidery with designs by Florence Caulfield, who was an embroiderer and a specialist in South African flora. http://www.vam.ac.uk/collections/textiles/features/embroidery/designs/index.html
Francis Johnston made a series of design sketches, from the initial rough sketch in charcoal on detail paper to the final colour version. Click on the following link to view her intricate designs.