I have found that humor sells items faster then sentiment. Take for example the craft fair I attended last week. While waiting for customers, I embroidered two words on a baby bib and that baby bib sold right after I got the threads trimmed. Those two words were "cereal killer." It was a touch of humor.

Using humor on your business cards will also make you more memorable. Just a humorous tag line under your business name will fetch a smile and often a sale. Try funny sayings on t-shirts or quilts. Making off-the-wall hats or funny house slippers will often get your business the attention you are striving for.

A phrase, a few words or even a picture done in a humorous way can grab that sale. Now I am not going to say that the humor should be in good taste, but I will say that you know your customers best and if they go for raunchy humour then go for the raunchy humour. If on the other hand your customers are just the mild dry humour type, then go for that. Experiment and see what you are comfortable with in the humour realm.

Adding humour to your business my take you in a whole new direction and a profitable one at that.

The soccer 2010 World Cup is about to take place.  Get the logos of some teams off the internet and embroider caps and t-shirts and even some rugs (remember it will be winter) to sell before and during the tournament. I might even do some scarfs with the local soccer teams' colours.  Even if you don't like soccer, it doesn't mean you can't make money from it. Many items can be customized or fashioned using preprinted fabric or your own design. A word of caution regarding selling more than a few items with team logos on them that you designed; if they are exactly like the logo and you might or might not be sued for copywrite infringement. Several machine embroidery companies sell the patterns for soccer team logos with the stipulation that it is for limited personal use. I don't think those companies would come after you for selling a few items at a local craft fair, how would they know? Use your own judgment regarding logos.

When you think of having a fabric item personalized you think of custom embroidery. That is only one way to personalize an item. Another way is to use fabric paints or applique to add that personal touch. Of course personalization is what will sell your items faster than lightening. Anything that you can put a person's or pet's name on will sell fast. Doing something as simple as adding a monogram to a set of towels or a name to a golf towel will not only enhance your profit line but will increase you customer base almost overnight. The stockings I got at Ten Rand store and they sew beautifully. I sold them for R25 each. It only took the machine about 3 minutes to sew out the names and about 5 minutes to set them up and then trim the threads. I was also the only table to have a line except for the guy doing the temporary tattoos a few tables away. It was showing me that people want personalization and service and they were willing to pay for it.

You have often seen people handing out pens, refrigerator magnets and other small promotional items to advertise their business at conventions and the like. Are you doing that for your sewing business?

Do you have a wedding gown design business? Have you thought about giving away free cheap wedding invitations with an estimate of the gown? How about doggy treats with every dog bed or dog jacket you sell? I know one woman who repairs horse blankets and gives out coupons for horse feed to every client. Are you doing the same thing for your clients?

You have to make your business stand out from all the others by either doing exceptional, high quality work or by attracting attention to the business. Think about what you can do.  Your business may depend on it.