Which stabilizers do you use and when?

I've used the same product for many years. I have tried different ones, but keep coming back to the same thing. I use the stabilizer from OESD.

A newer product. I am beginning to use this most of the time now. I've also used this product on the industrial side for a good number of years. It works well with light weight and knits. I always hoop it and use two layers, placed with gains running in perpendicular directions. Sometimes I'll use one layer of this with one layer of cut-away.

I don't use this much anymore. If so, I like Stitch-n-Tear from Pellon, however, most of the time if I need to use tear-away I'll opt for the perforated tear-away, as this tears the cleanest (Easy Stitch).

Sticky back stabilizer:
If I use this, I always hoop the sticky back. This is a great product, easy and fast to use ... but it is the one product that usually gives the most trouble if not used correctly. It works great with the larger hoops that we have today, especially with heavily dense designs with outlines and details. Hoop the sticky back ... then use a sharp object to cut the paper away from within the hoop (not cutting through the sticky stabilizer). Then stick the garment to the sticky back.

Solvy or Aqua-Film:
Use this on the top any time there is texture on the fabric. It holds the stitches on top of the fabric while stitching. Always hoop it as well. If not hooping it, use a temporary spray adhesive. Always pull it taunt with no wrinkles. This works great! Even taken 24 layers of this, put between your Teflon press sheet and "fuse" together for a heavier wash-away. The Aqua Film is really the best for cut-work and lace work.

Generic stabilizers: (coffee filters, plastic bags, etc) NEVER use anything on any of your machines that is not developed especially for it anymore. If you speak to any sewing machine mechanics they will tell you that us ladies have so many problems with our sewing machines because we cause them by using materials not meant for sewing on.