Properly threading the sewing machine is the first step to having a machine that will sew correctly.

Whenever you are threading a sewing machine, one basic rule to every sewing machine is to thread the machine with the presser foot up.

When the presser foot is raised, the tension disks are disengaged. Being disengaged allows the thread to go in to the tension disks and seat properly.

If you try to thread the machine with the presser foot down, the tension disks are engaged or tight and will not allow the thread to seat in between the disks.

A simple way to see what the difference is:

    * Thread the sewing machine with the presser foot raised.
    * Once you have the thread through the needle, tug the thread. You should be able to easily pull the thread through the machine.
    * Without the thread being under the presser foot and being careful that you do not bend your needle, lower the presser foot. Now when you tug on the thread, you should feel a definite drag on the thread and it will not pull through the machine the way it did when the presser foot was raised.

If your sewing machine is not sewing properly, re-threading the machine is your first step to trouble shooting the problem.