In order for your products to sell, you have to create the need.  Customers' needs change as do the seasons, so you have to ensure that, not only do you keep up with the change, but that you set the pace.

In order to do this successfully, and not to create too much stress on your part, you must get yourself a large calendar. 
Proceed to mark the following dates on it with a Red Cross.

•    Christmas Day
•    Easter Weekend
•    The onset of every school holiday
•    Mother's Day
•    Father's Day
•    Valentine's Day
•    Halloween
•    And any other important date I might have left out

Then mark with, say, a Green Cross, the date two weeks before every date marked in red on your calendar.  This will be the day on which you will display all the articles you have made pertaining to the dates in Red.  Now draw an arrow from your Green Cross to your Red Cross.  This will be the period during which you will display your articles.

Next, take a Blue marker and draw a Blue Cross on the date a month before every Green Cross.  This will mark the day on which you will begin making the articles.  Draw an arrow from the Blue Cross to the Green Cross.  Do not become concerned if there are overlapping lines.   Sometimes, such as during the Year-end holidays, Christmas and Halloween period, you might even have three lines ending on different dates.

 If you keep to the dates that you marked, you will never be rushed and always have suitable embroidered articles at the right time.  Your customers will know that there will be fresh displays every time they walk into your shop and you will be perceived to be in control and on top of things.