There are many embroidery designs and patterns available. You can get them from your favourite embroidery design magazine or download them from embroidery websites available on the Internet. However, it is much more fulfilling if you are the one who created your machine embroidery designs and patterns! CREATIVE DRAWings allows you to do this quite easily and effectively.

Many successful embroiderers, especially those who own embroidery machines, create their own patterns. Aside from the creative satisfaction, there are other benefits too:
  • You can personalize your designs. This is beneficial especially if you are going to design a customized embroidery project for a loved one.  Examples are a quilt for your first grandchild with his/her name on it and embroidered pictures of his/her favourite toys, or a knee blanket for a wheelchair-ridden grandparent with embroidered pictures of previous homes and/or hobbies. What about a lovely special Christmas tablecloth with initialized napkins for each of the guests around your dinner table?  Have you thought of designing and embroidering a frame for that very special photograph?  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.  All you need is an idea and CREATIVE DRAWings has simple, step-by-step instructions as to how you can realize it.
  • With CREATIVE DRAWings, you can simplify or make your pattern intricate. There are more than 300 stitch varieties to choose from.  You can decide whether you want to have a simple embroidery pattern or make the most detailed one for your next project. It’s all up to you.
So, what is an EMBROIDERY PATTERN really?
An embroidery pattern is very similar to a blueprint used in constructing a building or a house. In fact, these patterns are considered to be the blueprints of embroidery. They are used to create embroidery designs for either hand embroidery or machine embroidery.

Patterns can be bought from shops or downloaded from different embroidery websites. You can also design  your own pattern using the CREATIVE DRAWings software.

Basically, there are two types of embroidery: hand embroidery or machine embroidery. Both can use the same patterns, but require different methods of transferring them onto the fabric.

Now, regarding machine embroidery, you may either use the hand embroidery methods for creating patterns, which comprise of the following:
  • Iron-on transfers – these patterns are usually sold in books. You simply need to iron the patterns on fabrics so that you can embroider them.
  • Computer-print outs – using photo editing software, you can create embroidery designs and use a transfer pen to trace the design onto the fabric.
  • Stencils – this is commonly used in paper embroidery but, if you are a newbie in embroidery, you may want to skip this as it needs an experienced embroiderer.
  • Transfers – using transfer pens, you can copy designs from books or magazines onto the fabric for embroidering

However, these are all very cumbersome and time-consuming.  And, with all the advances in technology, it is quite unnecessary to waste your precious time and energy with the above methods.

Or, there are other, equally, if not more effective ways;
  • Downloads – most crafting and embroidery websites offer finished designs which you can download for free. They are available in different formats depending on the model or make of your machine.
  • Hand-drawn designs on computers – CREATIVE DRAWings or other photo editing software can help you create great embroidery patterns. 
  • Photos, although demanding much more skill because of the enormous variety of colours involved, can also be scanned into the computer and adapted for embroidering by means of the CREATIVE DRAWings software programme.
The CREATIVE DRAWings programme is simple to understand and ensures a hassle-free design for embroidering within a matter of minutes.

If you don’t have time to create your own patterns, you can always go to the internet for free patterns. The manufacturers of most embroidery machines will have websites which offer hundreds of free patterns. Just ensure that you download the correct format of the pattern for your type of machine.

Remember that there is no right or wrong pattern, neither is there a good or bad one. It's just a matter of choosing wisely and one that’s compatible with your machine.

Finally, the easiest method of transferring the pattern of your design or choice onto your machine is to choose a digitized software programme that is read by your machine.  One of the best programmes available because of its simplicity and compatibility with most machines on the market, is CREATIVE DRAWings.