How you store your extra cones of thread is very important. The thread that is not on your embroidery machine should be stored covered and away from dust and sunlight. Cones should always be stored standing in their upright position with the end of the thread attached to the bottom of the cone. If you do not have a holder on your thread cone for the end of the thread to fit into, wind up the thread and attach the end with a piece of masking tape to the bottom plastic portion of your cone. Never attach the tape directly onto the thread on the cone. This will leave a sticky residue on your thread. Place your thread in plastic containers that are large enough for the cones to stand up. Do not lay them down or throw them in a box. Thread can get bruised if it is dropped or thrown in boxes and this can cause thread breaks with no visible signs of a problem.

If you have a small shop, store your thread in boxes according to colour families, such as all of the shades of blue in one box. In some shops, they have tall plastic chests with clear plastic drawers in them and it is very easy to find the correct colour. In a large shop with multi-head machines, this is  not possible. You must store your thread according to colour. Each box should be labelled on the front with the colour name, number and thread type. If you cannot store your thread in plastic containers, store them standing up on a shelf and cover the shelf with plastic. Cut a piece of plastic as wide as the shelf and attach it to the bottom edge of the shelf above and let it hang loose covering the thread on the shelf down to the next shelf. Cut enough pieces of plastic to cover each shelf that is storing thread.

Always keep the plastic covering on your new cones until you are ready to place them onto the embroidery machines.