Have you ever had to shove another job aside to do the rush job and consequently created another unhappy customer?  Are you in a position to do a rush job?

I have had situations where a demanding customer has come in to my shop and wanted his job done right away or else he would have had to take it someplace else. Initially,  I bent over backwards for these customers when I first started my business and the same customers would continue to do this time after time until I put my foot down and said Sorry, I can no longer do that for you. 

Some became angry and left, others were very understanding. I did not want to loose a job, but I knew that it was causing me a lot of problems and other angry customers because I could not get out their other work in the time frame that I had promised.

This is a situation that will hurt you and will scar your business reputation. It takes a long time to remove those scars!  It is a must to create a schedule and stick to it. With the proper planning you know how much work you have in your shop at any given moment and you know where you can or if you can slide in rush jobs without it costing you any
extra money or angry customers. 

You must take care of your regular customers first and if they have an occasional Rush job, it is easy to accommodate them when you have  the proper scheduling in place.