Create a Second Passive Income

In the times we are living in, we all need some extra cash! If you browse the Internet for ways of making money, there are many options, though it can be a minefield!

Whether you are planning to supplement your current income or looking to replace an income, consider using a hobby like embroidery to generate cash-flow. Embroidered articles are always popular with all types of shoppers, and you can easily start an embroidery company because of its a low overheads. Wouldn't you love to be able to make money through something you enjoy doing?

Making money from embroidery is ideal if you enjoy machine embroidering. You would not find it a chore and there are multiple ways in which you can generate an income from it. Although there are many people selling embroidered items on the Internet, there is still plenty of opportunity, especially in South Africa!  You can generate a generous income by creating personalized items as gifts, particularly over Christmas and for birthdays. You can design your own embroidery patterns and designs or personalize most articles made from fabric and make money by either selling  them on line or by any other means.

When you do decide to start an embroidery business, you should first decide on the products or articles.

Choose products that don’t necessitate making - such as i-pod or mobile phone covers. Did you know that the leather covers fit perfectly into the embroidery frame? All you need to do is add initials. Alternatively you could purchase pre-made items like shirts, handbags, hats, blankets or towels from a warehouse and embroider logo's, names or images on them. 

If you choose to purchase Creative DRAWings as your digitizing embroidery software, you'll be able to transfer any clipart image effortlessly to flawless, quality stitches. And where would you find the images you might ask? Just visit Microsoft clipart and you could download thousands of clipart image free of charge. What’s more, you could manipulate the image into anything you wished and add writing!


Through a referring website - You could sell your embroidered patterns or designs online through Bid or Buy (South Africa) or Gumtree (South Africa and international) – this is a profitable choice because of its customer base. Many people purchase embroidery designs and patterns online.

UPDATE: New page added to our website! Sell your machine embroidery designs on our website through Bid or Buy!

Setup your own website - Owning your own internet business is very inexpensive and often a great choice for individuals who are just starting out or who do not have the resources to rent, buy, or run a traditional store of their own. You could set up your own website to sell your personalised products and make money online. Visit Synthasite to set up a FREE website. It’s easy and their support system it excellent! They also have an online payment system, Paypal. Just register with them and you’re on your way. However, Paypal is not set up for South Africa, so the alternative is to set up an account with Setcom. Confused? No worries! We can set everything up for you for a minor fee - contact us for a quote. This includes setting you up to list on all the search engines so that people may find your website easy. This way you can sell more and consistently.

Craft markets - If you plan on embroidering yourself, you could market your products at a craft market since the money needed to participate is generally low, and you are able to show your items to a great deal of people.

Shops - Finally, you could take the old fashioned route and sell your items in a traditional store like a home industry shop). If you don't have the resources to open your own shop, you could ask a local store owner about renting their space to sell your goods for a cut of the profits. Also, antique stores or shops that showcase goods from local crafters often allow individuals to rent a small space in their store instead of going out on their own.

Whatever you decide, there's a way of making money online and offline with embroidery and best of all is that you get great job satisfaction!

Create a Second Passive Income