When you change a needle on your embroidery machine, do you remember what needle bar you changed? Do you remember what size or type of needle you used? When was the last time you changed your needles? Do you have to change your needle more often on one needle bar or on one needle bar on one head?

Having a system in place is very important for keeping track of your needle changes.

If you have a single head, this is simple and very easy to do. You can design a form called a Needle Replacement Sheet.  It could have 15 lines on it for 15 needle bars. Each time you change a needle you write on the line corresponding to the number of the needle bar the date, size and type of needle and why you changed it. This gives you a complete record of
all of your needle changes. You should have this sheet lieing on the left top back portion of your machine table. It must be completely out of the way but a good reminder each time you change a needle. If you are having too many thread breaks on one needle bar, you have a record of that and it gives you the
correct information if you need to talk to a tech. It is much easier to pinpoint a problem.

If you have multi-head machines, you will need to keep track for each machine and each head. You could keep track of this in a binder if you have a large shop. Each machine could have a Maintenance Binder and the Needle
Replacement sheets could be kept in the binder in numerical order. The binder could be stored under the work table in front of the machine. Each time a needle is changed, that record should be noted.

When you have a tracking system; you always know where your needles are, what size and type is in what needle bar on each machine. This is extremely important when you need to embroider a fine cotton knit shirt. You need to know that you have a small ball point needle and not a large sharp needle.

If you do not keep track, it is tough and most operators do not have any idea as to what needles are in their machines especially if you are running more than one shift and communication is lacking etween the two shifts.