Increasing customer sales with your current customer base is all about creating relationships.  Many times we have a gold mine right in our midst and don’t even realize it.  Our customers are our gold mine and without them we do not exist!

Creating good customer relationships is the most important duty that we have as business owners and this is something that does not cost a lot of money.  Many times it is the little unexpected things that we do that mean the most and keeps that customer coming back to our business over and over!

I purchased a program a few weeks ago from a large company and was shocked when I received a handwritten Thank you note in the mail.  I have to tell you, I was extremely impressed at this gesture!  Just a simple thank you card that only took the salesperson a couple of minutes to write meant a lot to me and I will remember that the next time that I decide to order another program.

Here are some simple ways for you to increase your customer sales.

   1. Offer Exceptional Customer Service
   2. More Low Cost-High Profit Services To Your Existing Customers
   3. Build A Relationship With Existing And Former Customers
   4. Plan A Customer Appreciation Night
   5. Create A Web Presence
   6. Offer More Than One Price Level Of Products

Is there a service or a process that you can offer your customers that they cannot get from any of your competition. What is it that you can do to be more efficient than the competition? It is usually better to focus on being different in a particular market rather than trying to compete directly. Find a unique strategy or a way to position your products or your business differently in your current market place.

Spend some time educating your customers about the benefits, services and value that they will be receiving by doing business with you.  Point out to them what you are doing that the competition is not doing.  You do not have to say that the competition is not doing such and such; you just have to point out what you are doing that makes you different or better!

You cannot compete with the big manufacturers or embroiderers that have many multi-head machines when you are only a small shop with one or two heads.  Don’t even try. You must focus on what you do best in your smaller market.  If you focus on improving one step or one process that can make you more efficient then this alone will help to make you more profitable!

Those large shops normally are not offering the type of customer service that you can offer.  This can set up far above the larger shops and help to increase your customer sales.  I have seen this many times.  Many of the larger shops have systems all set and they will not steer away from their systems and they are not always customer focused, they are usually profit focused.

In order to be successful in this business, you must be customer focused.  The profits will follow if that is the case! By finding your own unique way to stand out in the crowd, you will increase your customer sales naturally.