Something everyone thinks they know how to do, but do not really know is hooping embroidery correctly.

Work with your hoop until you get a good design sewn out, then take note how your hoop is set up, the size, stabilizer, design consideration, etc. Always hoop your fabric and stabilizer.

It should be tight like a drum when hooped .. not stretched .. just taunt.

1. Use a hoop that is in a good condition. Note that after hundreds of designs hooped, the hoop will lose some of it's original quality. Get a new hoop!)
2. Use the size of hoop that is the closest to the size of the design.
3. Hoop the stabilizer with the fabric.
4. Loosen the screw just enough for the fabric and stabilizer.
5. Lay the outer hoop on the table.
6. Lay the fabric and stabilizer on the table on top of the hoop. the fabric should have the grain running straight.
7. Insert the inner hoop while still on the table.   Do not force.
8. Holding index finger and thumb on the inner hoop, pull the fabric and stabilizer gently, but tautly.
9. Do not stretch the grain of the fabric.
10. Pick the design up off table and slightly push the inner ring to the back side.(approx. 1/8") This will create a small lip so the fabric is riding on the bed of the machine. Note: It is important that you do not push the inner hoop through too much. This could cause other problems.

When stitching the design, use light pressure on the side of the hoop while stitching very heavily dense designs or if they have detailed outlines.