There comes a time in every successful business owner's life when he/she realise that the business is starting to sell itself and that a decision must be made on whether to expand.  This calls for a complete change in operation.  All of a sudden you are required to account for your decisions,  to generate sufficient income every month to pay a salary and this requires planning and a host of other skills.

This week's embroidery tip is about how to find a good employee.

Hiring a new employee is not always easy, but here are a few ideas: Place an ad on a bulletin board in a grocery
store.  Housewives or retirees are great prospects.  They may not be able to work full-time but would work out great as a part-time employee and would usually give you their 100% while on the job.  Furthermore, they usually have good organizational skills and work ethics.  Housewives or home sewers usually have a lot of experience with bobbins and threading needles.  Good dexterity is very important.

Call the local churches and talk to the minister.  They may know of someone, they are able to recommend, who might be looking for a position.

Go to the local university, college or training centre and ask if you can place an ad.  Many times you can find a student that will be a good worker and has a specific skill that you are looking for such as a graphics major, or accounting. 

Place an ad in the local knock and drop ad pamphlet or newspaper but, be very specific as to what you are looking for or you'll be inundated with phone calls from desperado's.

Then have a list of questions you'd like to ask the applicants.  Over and above the skills you are looking for in an applicant, you are also looking for someone who is detail oriented, has a friendly disposition, willing to listen and learn, can stand for long periods at a time (if that would be required for their position), be willing to work as a team player and must be willing to move at a fast pace when the pressure is on. Don't forget to ask for references. Do not appoint someone after the first interview. Follow up on the references.  It is much more difficult to get rid of an unsuitable employee than it is to follow up on references.

When you are hiring someone to be an operator, keep in mind that this operator might be a good candidate for your first supervisor as you grow, in other words, keep long term employment in mind when interviewing the candidates. 

Keep all the applicants' details in a file even if you do not appoint them.  As your business grows you need to have a continuous pool of good applicants to pull from.
Another little Tip!  Make sure that the new applicant can read a Ruler.  This may seem a bit over the top, but you cannot take this for granted!