Embroidery Software and Embroidery Cards both play a part in allowing your embroidery machine to make professionally embroidered pieces in a fraction of the time. It is important that you understand how they work together.

An embroidery card is computerized and machine-format-specific, and fits directly and specifically into your embroidery machine. It works with the built-in computer in your machine to stitch out designs.

Embroidery Cards may be purchased with designs already on them or you may purchase blank cards. With blank cards, you can transfer designs from disks and CDs, or download images from the Internet or your computer, using embroidery software. Embroidery Cards are not usually interchangeable unless you have a converter box or specialized conversion software.

Embroidery software is a language-specific coding program or application that your embroidery machine uses to perform specific tasks. For instance, if you are creating your own designs, modifying existing designs or downloading designs from the Internet you will need embroidery software or embroidery digitizing software.

Types of embroidery software:
Commercial software:
Commercial grade software gives you the most freedom and control when designing your own embroideries. By            simply scanning in the artwork you create or select, the software turns it into a digitized image that your embroidery         machine can reproduce. Commercial embroidery software is perhaps the most complete and it allows you to create your own embroidery designs. This is great for small business owners who want to have their own unique or custom designs.

Machine-specific software:
This type of embroidery software is created by the sewing machine companies for use with their embroidery machines. Designs can be scanned by using any scanner that works with your computer system. After scanning, the image is imported into your software program for use as a template.

Independent-vendor software:
This embroidery software is an add-on package that you can use with your machine-specific software. The type of software expands your specific software package's capabilities. It does this by allowing you to convert embroideries designed with other software packages to a format your embroidery machine can read. Most independent embroidery software can be converted easily so that it will work on your embroidery machine. Creative DRAWings® is a powerful machine embroidery digitizing software that empowers you to create original machine embroidery designsCreative DRAWings® is compatible with (ie, it can read the embroidery cards of) all major makes of embroidery machines,

Independent designs:

Independent designs are embroideries that a company or individual artist is selling for use with a particular embroidery machine. To use them you will need brand-specific hardware and software.

Embroidery downloads off the Internet:
Many companies sell their embroidery packages and individual embroideries on line. They are easily purchased and downloaded. There are also many free types of embroidery to be found on line. However, these free embroideries are usually just a lure to get you onto their site to make a purchase. If you are not interested in purchasing anything, be strong, and just take the free embroidery and be on your way.

There are 2 recommendable websites for getting started, they are Embroideryoffice.com and Stitch.com.

Embroidery Office 8 is compatible with most automatic embroidery machines and comes loaded with every feature you would want. Testimonials on the site say the software is user intuitive and easy to work with.

Stitch.com is another excellent site that offers free embroidery designs, graphics software, digitizing software, and reviews on the latest embroidery machines and software.

For the most popular items see the embroidery software and books at Amazon.