Whether you are looking for free patterns to download, directories of embroidery stitches, online collections or information about historical embroidery and embroidery for re-enactors, you will find something of interest in this list of links to embroidery websites.

Alice Kettle
Alice Kettle has established a unique area of practice in stitch, consistently and on an unparalleled scale. She is currently Research Associate at Manchester Metropolitan University.
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Blackwork Archives
A website devoted to Elizabethan Blackwork Embroidery featuring free patterns.
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In a Minute Ago
Sharon B's website features a wonderful stitch directory with pictures of worked stitches and a blog about other embroidery topics.
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A Blackwork Embroidery Primer
A blackwork embroidery primer with a number of patterns and a useful collection of links.
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Dragon Bear
Dragon Bear is a reenactors' site with useful charts for embroidery.
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Embroiderers Guild
The Embroiderers Guild is based at Hampton Court and has a collection of 11,000 objects. Some of their website only available to members.
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Embroiderers Guild of America
The website of the Embroiderers Guild of America.
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Google Directory of Embroidery Websites
The Google directory of  top sites about embroidery.
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Hand & Lock
Hand and Lock is an embroidery firm that awards an annual embroidery prize.
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Medieval Embroidery

Joyce Miller's Medieval Embroidery site features examples of counted thread work and charts.
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Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery

This is a rather old site focusing on medieval and Renaissance embroidery with patterns and some excellent links.
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An entertaining site with animated images to demonstrate stitch construction.
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Powerhouse Museum
The Powerhouse Museum has a huge online searchable database that includes embroidery items.
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The Royal School of Needlework
The Royal School of Needlework was founded in 1872 to teach hand embroidery.
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 The Sixty Two Group of Textile Artists
The 62 Group of Textile Artists was established in 1962 to provide opportunities for professional textile artists to exhibit and promote their work, to develop public awareness and to raise the profile of Textile Art. The Group has developed over the years, gaining an international reputation through the success of its exhibitions.
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Soper Lane
Soper Lane is a group of women who have studied the working lives of fifteenth century silkwomen.
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A Stitch out of Time
A stitch out of time is a site that has not been updated for a while but has some details of medieval embroidery.
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