The most embroidery thread colours are wash- and boil-fast.  For best results, however, the following care is recommended:  In case of the same pattern and order, it is necessary for customers to use the very threads complied with an equal Lot No. (Especially, when used in (right and left), symmetrically patterned-embroidery for clothes).
All embroidered items should be washed with mild detergents containing no additives or bleaching agents such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate.  Never leave damp or wet embroidered items pressed together.  This applies in particular to embroidery items that are washed for the first time.  A large washing tub should be used to ensure free circulation of the items.  Do not spin dry or wring out embroidered items.

Almost all machine embroidery thread is produced using well-chosen high quality materials, which are carefully blended with best colouring chemicals using state-of-the-art equipment.  This process combined with dedicated professionals allow  them to produce consistent colours.  However, whenever possible, it is recommended to use same dye-lot for one project.

All embroidered items should be ironed on the reverse side or between two pieces of cloth.  Dampen slightly before ironing fabric with steam iron at a low temperature setting.

High temperatures, direct vicinity of heating, moisture and sunlight must be avoided when embroidery thread is stored.  Secure loose ends by tying a knot.  Do not tape.  Repackage thread in the plastic bag when not using to prevent exposure to dust and dirt, as well as guard against humidity.

Customers should assure themselves, by preliminary testing, that the dye fastness of the thread is suitable for the intended use. The majority threads are manufactured and quality controlled to the very highest standards possible.  However, since the companies have no control over washing, dry cleaning and pressing, and since the value of the thread is so disproportional to the value of the material into which it is sewn, they cannot be held responsible for any damage that could occur.