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How do I get help?

Creative Drawings staff are always available to give you the help you need. Most requests are answered in a few hours, and we strive to respond to all queries within 24 hours. For fast, friendly community support, join us at Get Satisfaction!, a community that helps people to get the most from the products they use, and we are encouraged to get real with our customers!



How does Creative Drawings' Support work?

Do you have a question, a problem, some feedback, or suggestions for Creative Drawings?  Get answers, right here, right now!

How can I get help with my Creative Drawings program?

We have three ways of helping you.  Choose the one that works best for you:

  1. Type your question in the Contact us form.
  2. Visit our Creative Drawings Customer Community for answers
  3. Click on the Feedback button on the right side of the page.

How soon will I get a response to my support question?

Most queries will be responded to within a few hours. We strive to respond to all questions within 24 hours.  Individual response time may vary depending on the support load and time of day, but whatever the circumstances we will always get back to you as fast as humanly possible!

Who will respond to my support query?

A friendly, qualified member of the Creative Drawings team! We do not outsource our support.  Our support staff are well acquainted with our software and can answer your questions accurately and competently.

Do you provide phone support?

Yes and no. We only provide phone support within South Africa. For international queries, we provide fast, friendly, personal support via email or Skype. You can email us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you wish to speak to a consultant personally, we would be happy to refer you to one of your countries' representatives.

How should I report what I believe to be a problem, error, or bug with Creative Drawings?

Help us help you.  Describe the problem in as much detail as you possibly can, including what you tried to do, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.  Tell us what browser and operating system you are using.  If you received an error message, copy and paste it and send it to us.

How can I find out about new features and upgrades?

We post feature alerts in our Customer Community as soon as they are live.


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