Q1. Can I use embroidery designs created in Creative DRAWings® on any home embroidery machine?

Embroidery designs created with Creative DRAWings® can be stitched out on an embroidery machine that uses any of the following formats.

  • Pfaff (.ksm, .pcs, .pcm) 
  • Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina (.pec, .pes) 
  • Husqvarna (.hus) 
  • Husqvarna Viking (.vip) 
  • Viking Designer 1 (.shv) 
  • Janome (.jef, .sew) 
  • Tajima (.dst) 

In addition, you can import a design in any of the standard formats listed above into Bernina software and then save as an .art file to use on Bernina machines.

Q2. Can I use my commercial embroidery machine with Creative DRAWings®?

Yes. You will need to save the embroidery design to the appropriate file type for your machine:

  • Tajima (.dst, .dsz, .dsb) 
  • SWF (.sst) 
  • Happy (.tap) 
  • Melco Expanded (.exp) 
  • Juki (.M3), Toyota (.10O) 
  • Mitshubishi HD 
  • Barudan FDR 
  • KSM (.KSM) 

Q3. Is Creative DRAWings® an autodigitizing program?

Yes! The revolutionary and professional DRAWstitch® technology has been incorporated into Creative DRAWings® to work almost as fast as the blink of an eye to create embroidery designs from images. It does much more than traditional static digitizing software. Creative DRAWings® is an interactive product with artificial intelligence that almost “thinks” for you and helps release your creativity. Check out our photostich feature on the new Creative DRAWings 5 version!

Q4. What is the difference between Creative DRAWings® and Wings’ modular® Basic?

With Creative DRAWings®, you can create original embroidery designs, use existing artwork (clipart) to create embroidery designs, or edit existing embroidery designs. You do not need to use the Wings’ modular® Basic for these functions, but you can use Wings’ modular® in tandem with the designs you create or edit in Creative DRAWings®.

Wings’ modular® Basic is part of the commercial Wings’ modular® software designed for embroidery professionals and is included free with Creative DRAWings® as a basic editing program. It can be used with or without Creative DRAWings®.

Just a few of the things you can do with this software include:

  • Watch your design stitch out (virtual) 
  • Change the sewing order using a filmstrip viewer 
  • Split designs 
  • Modify stitches (move, add, delete) 

Q5. I just started machine embroidery for my family, is Creative DRAWings® for me?

Absolutely! It is the easiest and smartest program available for any level user. Order a demo DVD (R80) or download our FREE evaluation version to experience for yourself this user-friendly software!

. I have a very expensive digitizing software program. Why would I want Creative Drawings®?

You are spending far too much time digitizing with the software that you currently own. Creative Drawings® will cut your digitizing time in half at least, giving you more time for other tasks! Creative DRAWings® gives you quick results with less decisions that you are expected to make with the other software programs. Download our embroidery digitzing software comparison chart.

. On to how many computers can I install Creative DRAWings®?

As many as you like. When you purchase the program you will receive one USB key (dongle/ security device). This key will allow you to run the program on only one computer at a time, therefore, you will not be in any violation of any type of software agreement by installing the program on multiple computers since you will only be able to run the program on one computer at any one time.

Q8. Will Creative DRAWings® work with Windows 98 or Windows ME?

Unfortunately not. You will need to upgrade your operating system to Windows XP / 2000 / Windows 7 / Media Center / Tablet PC.

Q9. Can I use Creative DRAWings® on my Macintosh computer?

The only way you can run Creative DRAWings on a Mac is after installing Windows operating system as a dual boot on your Mac and have your PC with Dual boot mechanism. Whenever you want to work with Creative DRAWings, you can boot with Windows and in all other cases boot with MAC OS. Creative DRAWings embroidery software is designed mainly  for Windows operating system. We are planning to support MAC OS in the future.

Q10. How much is Creative DRAWings®?

The retail price is R7 500. This is an unbelievable price for what this software does for you. Check out what you will receive for this amazing price. Also, download our embroidery digitzing software comparison chart.

Q11. Can I digitize stuff that I scan in from my computer?

Yes, it is very easy to bring business logos into the program that way. We enjoy scanning in coloring books. Let your imagination be your guide! Also, check out our photostich feature on our new Creative DRAWings 5 version!

Q12. Are all fonts suitable for digitizing with Creative DRAWings®?

No, fonts with serifs and intricate design detail may cause issues with the auto-digitizing approach. However, please remember that you may always bring a font in as a backdrop and digitize it as you would any other artwork.

Q13. Do you offer finance for purchasing Creative DRAWings®

Indeed, we do! However, this feature is unfortunately only available for our local clientele. There are no additional fees involved from your side, accept the usual interest. We would be happy to provide the necessary documentation; just drop us an email!

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