Creative DRAWings® 6

Creative DRAWings version 6 is a multi-functional software, with a fully customizable interface and an impressive list of new features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, and even computerized quilting.

Creative DRAWings 6 comes with the new version of Wings' modular® 5 and is compatible with Windows 7. It is also compatible with all vector based graphics programs through copy/paste or OLE technology, where applicable, thus fully compatible and interactive with CorelDRAW X5, X4, X3 and 12.


Convert Photos/images to PHOTOSTITCH Automatically

A step by step wizard can convert your image to photostitch and give you a representation of it by combining four different layers of colored satin bars. The results are great with chromatic realism on the embroidery result within 30 seconds!

Create Embroidery Designs by Capturing Images from the WEBCAM
Use the webcam of your PC to capture images and convert them to Cross-stitch, Photo-stitch and standard embroidery or use it as backdrop image to create your embroidery design from scratch.

Slow Redraw - Embroidery Machine SIMULATION

With the slow redraw utility you can simulate the way the design will be embroidered without having to do that on the machine. Also you have the ability to simulate your machine speed and the movement of the needle carrier.

NET FILL Embroidery Type is Added

With the Net fill you can create perfect laces and fill holes that where produced from cut fabric. It can be very useful for embroidery designs that are sewed on soluble material.

Open Multiple Designs in TABS
Creative DRAWings 5 now opens the designs in multiple tabs instead of multiple instances that helps you work faster and with less resources used.

Manual Embroidery Sequencing with the Use of SEQUENCE MANAGER

Creative DRAWings now has the ability to re-sequence objects manually by using the Sequence manager. By click and dragging objects on the Sequence manager, the stitches are recalculated automatically and new embroidery sequence is created based on the changes you make.


Add New Objects as Clones

By using this option, any created duplicate of an object is marked as a clone of the initial object. If you reshape any of the clones all other clones are reshaped too creating unique and beautiful embroidery results

Improved Embroidery Image

Export the 3D Realistic Embroidery preview to embroidery look image and use it for textile printing or for promoting your work. Select “File>Export>To image…”. At the bottom of the dialog you will find the available options. Use .PNG files for transparent background.


New Auto-Border Tool with Satin Serial and Running Stitch Types

Add border to imported embroidery files or to multiple selected objects easily and decorate by choosing from hundreds of styles and patterns.

Circular Array Tool

The Circular Array tool is a great way to create stylish design arrays easily, without losing the ability to edit the design. Any change you are making on a single object is automatically applied in the entire array.

Textile Printing (Heat Transfer Printing)

With Creative DRAWings 5 you can combine embroidery with heat transfer printing. Create or load the artwork you like, print it on the fabric by using heat transfer paper and you are ready. If you want you can use your embroidery machine to embroider some parts of the design over the printed image and create a unique “eye catchy” result. 

Other Features Include:

    • Print the artwork of the design you have created
      With DRAWings you have the ability to print any artwork you want on a special paper for textile printing and for promoting your company.

    • Export the designs to Quilt and to DXF file formats
      Create designs easily and export them to your Quilt frame machine by using any of the available file formats.

    • New thread color palette
      The new thread color palette can save you time and effort with its efficiency and usability.

    • Support for newer versions of .AI vector file format.
      The importer of .AI vector files has been improved and now you can load newer versions of illustrator files.

    • Fully customizable workspace according your preferences.
      Adjust it once and lose no time while creating embroidery designs.You can reposition the toolbars and dockable rollups by click and dragging them. Also at the end of each toolbar you have some options that allow you to select which tools you want to view.

    • Rectangular Array/Kaleidoscope
      With the advanced Rectangular array you have the ability to rotate and mirror the copies of the array without losing the ability to edit them and create easily unique designs. Also, you have the ability to create clones that will copy any transformation that you are doing on the source design.

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