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Reprinted from SQE Professional, January 2008

A new, easy-to-use embroidery software: Creative DRAWings®

Brewer Sewing Supplies is proud to announce the launch of Creative DRAWings® -- exciting new machine embroidery software that assists embroidery hobbyists and start-up embroidery businesses in creating beautiful stitch files from artwork with a few clicks of the mouse.

Creative DRAWings® fits the needs of machine embroiderers who are frustrated creating original embroidery designs in other software. Creative DRAWings® does not replace high-end embroidery software, rather it is complimentary by helping embroiderers create original embroidery designs and then they can use the newly created design from Creative DRAWings® within their high-end software as they are accustom.

Most embroiderers, whether they are hobbyists or small businesses, want to create original embroidery designs especially logos with lettering. With just a few minutes of hands-on software instruction with you, their local authorized dealer, machine embroiderers can import clipart, add lettering, and then position, resize and change the colors to their personal preference. Creative DRAWings® automatically generates the stitches that form the professional-quality embroidery design and makes it ready to embroider.

The secret behind the professional-quality stitches is the revolutionary DRAWstitch® technology. This built-in feature converts almost any clipart or photo into embroidery stitches. What’s more, Creative DRAWings® has a graphics interface with artist tools, such as Freehand, Bezier, Outline and Shapes, to trace hand drawn artwork or create artwork on-screen for the ultimate in creative freedom. The DRAWstitch® technology automatically recognizes the art and turns it into an original embroidery design ready to embroider.

Christine Spencer, independent educator for Country Stitches in Michigan said, “Creative DRAWings® automatically takes care of a lot of the technical stuff that the home embroiderer struggles with. These things include the very detailed and intricate use and placement of the tie offs, jump stitches and color changes. What’s more, it also makes adjustments in fill, underlay, overlap of areas, density of design, for different types of fabric, etc. It is very smart about how it fills shapes and lines with satin, fill and running stitches. It even tells me what stabilizers to use when I embroider the design. This program has a lot of intelligence that far surpasses any other embroidery software programs that I have seen.”

Creative DRAWings® Feature Highlights Include:

  • Windows Vista® compatibility
  • Powerful DRAWstitch® technology which turns any vector clip-art image into an embroidery design in seconds
  • Drawing tools to make shapes, lines and freehand objects for the creation of one-of-a-kind designs ready to embroider;
  • Ability to open any embroidery design stitch file into Creative DRAWings® and add words or lettering using any computer font;
  • Automatic adjustment of stitches, underlay and pull-compensation. When changing the project base fabric in the menu options, Creative DRAWings® automatically adjusts the stitches necessary for quality embroidery results.
  • A variety of creative stitch editing features; once a design is created in Creative DRAWings®, the user has the power to change stitch direction, add fill stitch patterns and motif stitches, add or remove nodes, adjust the stitch width, and add an outline (running, satin or motif) to any object.
  • Easy thread color management – includes thread palettes for major thread manufacturers.
  • 3D realistic thread preview; an embroidery simulator and a stitch segment filmstrip are available in the Wings’ modular® Basic software included with Creative DRAWings®.
  • Advanced digitizing functions such as object and node editing.
  • Detailed and customizable template and design information printing that includes, thread color segment breakouts, stabilizer recommendations, hoop alignment marks and more.
  • Short-cut driven hotkeys to make design creating fast and easy.
  • Automatic small and overlap stitch removal.

DRAWings, Creative DRAWings and DRAWstitch names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of DRAWstitch Ltd. Creative DRAWings software is copyright of DRAWstitch Ltd. All rights reserved.


Is Creative DRAWings really the best?

between Creative DRAWings and other software of the industry,
keeping the price of each product
in mind.
(by Creative Machine Embroidery magazine - Sept/Oct 2008)

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