About Creative DRAWings®

The software you're looking at represents the most advanced technology in the embroidery design field today. With the innovative features in Creative DRAWings®, you can easily transform your creative ideas into beautiful embroideries to stitch out on your machine. 

Creative DRAWings® is much more than digitizing software. It is an interactive product which almost “thinks” for you to help release your creativity. Creative DRAWings® does not require you to buy more expensive add-on digitizing packages as you advance in skill. All the powerful features are in just one package.

Almost ANY clipart, image or photo can be imported and be INSTANTLY converted into a flawless embroidery file. Creative DRAWings® is not a static software which just converts images to stitches. The revolutionary and professional DRAWstitch® technology has been incorporated into Creative DRAWings® to work miracles almost as fast as the blink of an eye.


The software includes tools to help you draw your ideas right on the monitor screen and with only a few mouse clicks, changes them into personalised creations.
  • Compatible with the ever popular CorelDRAW
  • 190+ stitches
  • 360+ stitches
  • Thread charts
  • 3D realistic view
  • Edit existing embroidery designs
  • Create original embroidery
  • Modify and change stitch types
  • Re-size embroideries
  • A fantastic step by step easy to use open image/embroidery process, when starting a new design.

  • Creative DRAWings® software offers a different solution to create NEW designs easily and fast, either from scratch of vector images or even bitmap and stitch files.
  • Perfect for any novice to start with and even for experienced users to combine it with existing solutions.
  • Convert any clipart design into embroidery with premium stitch quality.
  • Import embroidery designs (.pes, .vip, .jef, ect.) Personalize your designs by adding text that you can also place on a path.
  • Actual embroidery results for any image/design at high quality printing with transparent backgrounds.
  • Apply auto desity to resized stitch files, inside Wings' modular. 

Powerful Features

  • CREATE original embroidery designs within seconds
  • EDIT existing embroidery designs
  • ADD TEXT with path placement
  • AUTOMATIC cross stitch with multi colours
  • MODIFY stitch type with automatic stitch generation
  • IMPORT & VECTORIZE embroidery designs
  • SET stitch direction
  • RE-ORDER objects
  • 3D Realistic view
  • OUTLINE any object
  • CENTRE / ROTATE design in hoop
  • View / apply / edit & create hoop
  • Easy COLOUR management
  • SELECT FABRIC with automatic parameter adjustment
  • AUTOMATIC APPLIQUE with outline ability
  • Advanced object & node EDITING
  • SHAPE alignment
  • CONVERT symbols to embroidery designs
  • 190+ fill stitches
  • 360+ styles
  • THREAD charts
  • Automatic COLOUR reduction / increase
  • Detailed PRINT out
  • Automatic small stitch REMOVAL
  • Advanced stitch EDITING with multiple selection
  • MONOprogramming


Graphics Designing

The new graphics designing features of the software include the ability to add new graphics objects as clones of the first object, which combined with the Circular or Rectangular Array/Kaleidoscope tool can produce unique and beautiful designs. In addition the fully customizable workspace together with the ability to open multiple designs in tabs and move objects between them, makes the designing process even easier. Finally there is new tool that allows you to capture images from the webcam and convert them to vector artwork easily for any use. 

Embroidery Digitizing

The embroidery part of the software is really enhanced with new features such us manual embroidery sequencing, auto border functionality for creating perfect "echo" effects, "Net fill" stitch type for perfect laces and filling cut fabrics, automatic image conversion to Photo-stitch and embroidery machine simulation with "slow redraw" for visualizing the embroidery process.

Computerized Quilting

Computerized quilt sector has now a new powerful friend that will upgrade quilting in the next level. The quilt decoration styles that DRAWings include will cover most quilting needs and change the way you experiencing your hobby.  


Textile printing (Heat transfer printing)

With DRAWings you can combine embroidery with heat transfer printing. Create or load the artwork you like, print it on the fabric by using heat transfer paper and you are ready. If you want you can use your embroidery machine to embroider some parts of the design over the printed image and create a unique "eye catchy" result.


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