Creative DRAWings® 8 - New Release Now Available!

Creative DRAWings version 8 is a multi-functional software, with a fully customizable interface and an impressive list of new features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, and even computerized quilting.

Creative DRAWings 8 comes with the new version of Wings' modular® 6 and is compatible with Windows 7.

It is also compatible with all vector based graphics programs through copy/paste or OLE technology, where applicable, thus fully compatible and interactive with CorelDRAW.

Includes Wings’ modular® 6 version ( BASIC, TEXT and EDITING modules) with many new abilities.

Paint and Cut Techniques Combined

Import an existing cut design or create your own, paint the areas you want by using the paint fill tools, specify which areas will be cut and then export it to your Cutter. The cutter will paint the areas that need to be painted with the marker/brush you want, and then cut the shape out of the paper with its knife tool. Your beautiful Robot paper craftwork will be ready within minutes.

Advanced Applique With Cuts

Import an existing applique design or create your own, cut the fabrics that you will use with your cutter, and then use your embroidery machine to sew out the applique design.

Create Designs With Stippling

Create beautiful designs with stippling that you can use either for embroidery or quilting. It is very easy to use and adjust it. Quilting was never easier.

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