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Brother Embroidery Machines

From 13 brands to choose from,
1 person out of 3 choose Brother

As an authorized Brother sewing and embroidery dealer, we are of opinion that this brand give you what you need in an embroidery machine — high-speed performance, intuitive technology, versatile functions and beautiful built-in designs. 

These range from sewing machines suitable for beginners, through to high-specification semi-professional embroidery machines for small and start-up business.


Industrial Embroidery Machines

Use Brothers® ground-breaking technology to take your embroidery skills to another level with your own home-based embroidery business. Their high-speed machines deliver precise performance, have easy-to-manipulate software, and give you some of the largest sewing areas in the industry—all elements that help you successfully bring your customers' messages to life on a variety of accessories and apparel. You can't have a better embroidery business partner than a Brother machine!

Brother PR-650 Embroidery Machine 

If you dream of starting an embroidery business or expanding the possibilities of your home embroidery, then the PR-650 embroidery machine is for you.

The PR-650 incorporates all the user-friendly features you’d expect to find in any of the brother home embroidery machine range, together with the speed and finish of a commercial model, making it ideal for those thinking of starting a home based embroidery business.

The wide-angle HD LCD display offers vivid, crystal-clear clarity, rendering the brightest images imaginable. View high resolution design previews almost instantly – nearly three times faster than our previous models! Most importantly, you’ll find the PR-650 incredibly easy to use.

Engineered to deliver professional results in a compact, easy-to-use package. Embroider a wide variety of items such as caps, shirts, jackets, jeans, hats or towels with business logos, school names, monograms, and much more. With the new optional cylinder frame it’s easier than ever to add embroidery to shirt sleeves and trousers, plus the new optional flat frame makes framing simple when using thicker fabrics.

Others have made successful businesses out of transforming everyday items with the PR-650:
  • Embroidering caps, athletic bags and shirts for local sports teams
  • Monogramming shirts and uniforms for businesses
  • Personalizing baby blankets, bibs and diaper bags
  • Monogramming towels, robes and napkins for wedding or anniversary gifts
  • Creating an endless variety of unique and profitable gift items

With the PR-650, the business possibilities are virtually endless! Here are just a few of the benefits your can enjoy with a home-based embroidery business:

  • Choose your hours – Work part-time, full-time, mornings, evenings, weekends, after the kids have gone to bed or before they come home from school.
  • Choose your location – In your home, at a commercial location or within a retail outlet.
  • Choose your customers – School sports, favorite pastimes, interior design, items for pets, corporate identity apparel, weddings, graduations, new babies, and family reunions.
For detailed information on the Brother PR-650,
including a video demo and brochure,
click here.

 Brother PR-1000 Embroidery Machine 

Experience the next dimension in embroidery with the Brother PR-1000 10-needle home embroidery machine!

With features like an automatic needle threader, the exclusive new:

  • InnovaChrome LED Thread Color System and Eyelet Threading System,
  • InnovEye Technology for precise positioning, this is the perfect machine for those looking for increased productivity and creativity!
  • Impressive 10-color,
  • 50 000 stitch-count designs can be completed 12% faster than with a six needle machine, and more than 30% faster than with a single-needle machine.
With the PR-1000′s built-in editing suite, it’s easy to program text and merge designs! Imagine you had a logo with 10 colours, you would have to re-thread the machine after every colour change... not with the PR-1000!

Equipped with 10 needles, therefore 10 colours, the PR-1000 can import designs from 3 sources direct pc connection, usb and Brother design cards.

Experience the Next Dimension in innovation, creativity, productivity, and expansive space with the innovative Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000 10-needle home embroidery machine. The PR-1000 raises the bar in embroidery for hobbyists, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs, with its 10 needles, InnovaChrome™ Thread Color System, InnovEye® technology, and more. The state-of-the-art InnovaChrome™ system provides colored LED lights under each spool, making thread color selection easy – simply match your thread color to the LED light color under each spool. The lights also double as a visual status system, so you can spend less time supervising the machine.

And with the enhanced InnovEye® technology, you can view, in real time, a sharp, magnified view of the needle area – it’s like a having a built-in camera above the needle. As an added bonus, the included PE-DESIGN® Next Upgrade software* offers the ability to link up to four Brother PR-1000 or upgraded PR-650 machines to one computer, for enhanced productivity. The PR-1000 allows you to finish most multi-color designs faster, easier, and with greater precision than with most single or six-needle machines. Create professional results on a wide range of items with logos, monograms and more. Add the optional frames – from the jumbo 14”x14 frame and wide cap frame, to the border, cylindrical, round and quilt square frame for even more versatility. Let the PR-1000 inspire you to create designs you’ve only dreamed of before!

Frames for stitching T-shirts. Full accessories kit supplied with it’s in built editing suite it’s easy to program text and merge designs.

For detailed information on the Brother PR-1000,
including a video demo and brochure,
click here.

Brother PR-620 Embroidery Machine


If you dream of STARTING AN EMBROIDERY BUSINESS or expanding the possibilities of your home embroidery, then the this embroidery machine is for you.

Six needles make the job go quicker! Embroider multi-color designs quickly and easily. Automatic color change feature allows you to pre-program the correct thread color sequence for the entire design.

Our machines are engineered to deliver professional results in a compact, easy-to-use package. Embroider a wide variety of items such as shirts, jackets, jeans, totes or towels with business logos, school names, monograms, decorative motifs and more. Enjoy using built-in embroidery designs and fonts in addition to choosing from the 1000's of designs in the Brother memory card library (sold separately).



Home Embroidery Machines

You'll love the magic, color and style that embroidery can add to nearly anything. Brother® gives you what you need in an embroidery machine—high-speed performance, intuitive technology, versatile functions and beautiful built-in designs. Some models feature state-of-the-art computer connectivity. With our wide array of embroidery machines, for the beginner to the most experienced embroiderer, you can find the creative power to turn your dreams into embroidered reality.

Brother Innov-is 700E II Embroidery Machine

The Innov-is 700E II has been made even better with the addition of a USB port for connection to your PC. This new and improved embroidery machine with large 18cm x 13cm embroidery area has 136 built in designs for you to choose from so you can customise your projects and personalise them too with 6 different styles of lettering. The machine is compatible with Brother's optional embroidery card library that contains many different design themes. If you have even more project vision why not exercise your own creative mind and with Brother's optional PE Design 7 software create your own designs to customise your project exactly how you want. Designs can be created from scratch, or converted from many different PC graphic formats and then save to a memory card to transfer them to your machine to sew off.

(This is the 700E, not the 700E II which has the USB link - but same in all other respects.)

Sewing/Embroidery Machine Combo's

Versatility and ease of switchover are critical when it comes to machines that give you the best of both stitching worlds, and Brother® makes sewing and embroidery combo machines that deliver on both promises. Brothers combo machines have large work areas, easy-to-use edit screens and intuitive software that make it a snap to switch back and forth between sewing and embroidery functions. So many creative possibilities offered in one package!

 Brother Innov-is NV I Sewing/Embroidery Machine

This next generation machine, features 4 concepts in 1; sewing, embroidery, quilting and craft, enabling it to be used for any project.
The unique intelligent eye camera magnifies the needle position area which is displayed on the large touch screen allowing the sewing area to be viewed easily. The Intelligent eye also has sensing technology which makes edge sewing and embroidery start position easy. Incorporating the latest LCD technology the 8.5 inch WVGA touch screen has super clear high resolution for a perfect view.

The Innov-is I has a surround natural lighting system with bright LED lights providing a clear and naturally lit working area. The large inner arm workspace area can easily accommodate large projects, even a 2 metre quilt.

 Brother Innov-is NV 900 Sewing/Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for a compact sewing and embroidery machine, the Brother Innov-is 900 embroidery machine is ideal. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, you will be able to achieve professional results with this capable stand alone combination machine. PC connection is simple via the built in USB port. The accessory box fits into the working space for compact storage and the hard case keeps the machine safe and dust free. The Innov-is 900 will ensure your sewing and embroidery will have a personal, unique and professional finish. 

Brother Innov-is NV 1500 Sewing/Embroidery Machine

 This Brother Innov-is 1500 embroidery machine is a superb all-rounder which will leave the keen sewing enthusiast wanting for nothing!

The multiple features read like a wish list for anyone keen on combining sewing and embroidery functions to produce the very best creative work.

Brother Innov-is NV 4000 Sewing/Embroidery Machine

Do you want to own the very best personal embroidery and sewing machine available? A machine that's the most technologically advanced, versatile and yet incredibly easy to use.

Taking advantage of Brother's leadership in embroidery and sewing technology the Innov-is 4000 lets you expand the horizons of your creativity.

The Innov-is 4000 has the largest sewing and embroidery areas of any home machine on the market. Its faster; The Innov-is 4000 offers the fastest sewing and embroidery speed of any home machine a maximum 1,000 stitches a minute. The Innov-is 4000 has a unique automatic needle threading system to save time and your eyesight. The dual USB port allows you to connect your sewing machine directly to your computer or access a variety of additional memory devices.

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